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Glossary of Pliers

1. Slip-Joint Pliers

  • Description: Adjustable pliers with a sliding pivot point allowing for two sizes of jaw opening.

  • Uses: Gripping and bending a variety of sizes and shapes of objects, general-purpose use.

2. Needle-Nose Pliers

  • Description: Long, tapered, and pointed jaws.

  • Uses: Reaching into small areas, bending wires, holding small objects, useful in electrical work.

3. Linesman Pliers

  • Description: Heavy-duty pliers combining wire cutter and gripping jaws.

  • Uses: Electrical work, cutting wires, gripping, and twisting cables.

4. Diagonal Pliers

  • Description: Pliers with diagonal cutting edges.

  • Uses: Cutting wires, nails, and other small items, often used in electrical work.

5. Tongue and Groove Pliers

  • Description: Known commonly as 'Channellocks' (a popular brand), featuring adjustable angled jaws.

  • Uses: Gripping pipes and nuts, plumbing work, adjustable for various sizes.

6. Locking Pliers

  • Description: Pliers that can be locked into position, using an over-center action.

  • Uses: Gripping and holding tightly, can be used as a clamp, useful in welding.

7. Wire Strippers

  • Description: Pliers-like tool with notches for cutting insulation without damaging wire.

  • Uses: Stripping the insulation from electrical wires, cutting wires.

8. Crimping Pliers

  • Description: Pliers designed for crimping connectors onto a wire.

  • Uses: Electrical and network cable work, attaching connectors to wires.

9. Round-Nose Pliers

  • Description: Pliers with a rounded, tapering jaw.

  • Uses: Bending loops in wire, jewelry making, fine craftwork.

10. Snap Ring Pliers

  • Description: Designed for installing and removing snap rings or circlips.

  • Uses: Working with snap rings in mechanical and automotive applications.

11. Fencing Pliers

  • Description: Multi-tool pliers designed for installing and repairing wire fencing.

  • Uses: Cutting, twisting, and gripping wire, pulling nails, fencing installation and repair.

12. Hose Clamp Pliers

  • Description: Specifically designed to compress hose and spring clamps, making them easier to remove and install.

  • Uses: Automotive work, specifically for radiator hoses and other clamps.

Each type of plier is designed for specific tasks, and using the right type can significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in various projects, particularly in remodeling and repair work. This glossary should serve as a handy reference for choosing the appropriate pliers for different tasks.


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