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6 Basement Remodeling Tips

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

When a family grows, we start running short of area and need additional dwelling floor space. So where will you find that place? Do you think of renovating an unused internal space? Well, you can either opt for home additions in Hinsdale or basement remodeling. The former requires a handsome amount of money; thus, transforming the area you previously used as a repository for junk or water heater installation is a clever solution. You can either build a kids' bedroom, gym, or whatever you'd like as per the need.

Below you’ll find some tips that you should consider before remodeling your basement. 1. Successful Moisture Controlling Basements are prone to moisture and a musty smell. So, it’s vital to successfully control the moisture – Minor moisture problems can be settled using water-locking paints or through leak repairs; else, you have to use dehumidifiers 2. Decide Remodeling Purpose Before initiating the renovation work, it’s necessary to define the purpose. Like, what you want to construct – A kid’s bedroom or mini theatre, yoga space, or gym with all facilities. Kids may require proper sunlight, so you have to introduce enough windows or sun tubes. Similarly, if you plan to build a movie theatre, then you require low levels of lighting and wall soundproofing. Therefore, plan the renovation process based on what you’re constructing or your purpose for basement remodeling in Naperville, IL. 3. Observe Wiring & Inspect Plumbing Inspect the existing plumbing and electrical system to ascertain what upgrades and expansions ought to be done. You may require certain permits to press on the work. It would be better to consult a competent professional and get some advice. 4. Sufficient Lighting Plan Basement is like a secluded area of the home with minimal natural light. Therefore, you must pay heed to the lighting aspect of the place. Pick lighting fixtures intelligently and also pay attention to introducing natural light. 5. Choose the Right Basement Flooring Material Waterproof and moisture-resistant floors are apposite for basements. Generally, carpets are not suitable as they are susceptible to moisture damage unless it’s marine-grade. One can cherry-pick tiles, engineered wood, vinyl, or cork flooring. 6. Design an Appealing Yet Safe Staircase Home renovations in Wheaton are an intricate undertaking, requiring you to consider every aspect of the house, including the staircase as well. Ensure the stairs are located in a convenient place. If not, then consider shifting it to a better location. In addition, it must be designed safely, appealing, and as per the codes. Key Takeaways For any remodeling project, examine your overall goals and remodeling budget together. In addition, hire the right contractor for home remodeling in Darien after a meticulous investigation because the project involves a huge sum of money. You can approach us at Berno Renovations to transform your drab spaces into lively places that everyone will admire. Since our foundation, we have honed our skills to hand over exactly what you are looking for. We are proficient in kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, basement remodeling, etc. Call (630)398-0161 or email us at:


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